Travel – Management Registry, Inc. is an emerging provider in the Travel Nursing industry.

We excel at arranging and maintaining lasting relationships between our highly skilled healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Our Travel Assignments began as a joint venture in 1987 between a major hospital system and our company. For the past 28 years, Management Registry Inc. has successfully put both our employees and clients first by placing high quality healthcare personnel into facilities seeking exceptional talent. With Management Registry Inc., our team arranges housing and can provide mileage stipends for healthcare providers who choose to drive over 50 miles for an assignment. Before we place an employee in accommodations, our team ensures your “home away from home” meets our living standards, which are high! Our housing specialists make sure you never stay somewhere that they wouldn’t stay. In fact, during quarterly visits to current clients, our account team may end up staying in the same facility you are living!