Working With Management Registry Inc.

Application Process

Management Registry Inc. Recruiters work closely with you to find the job that matches your skills, qualifications, and personal preferences.

Initial Consultation

To learn about your skills, qualifications, and personal preferences, Management Registry Inc. conducts a comprehensive application and interview process. Our process begins with completing our online application where you provide a complete work history, educational history, contact information, and preference of type of work, shift, and location. Once the online application is complete, an Management Registry Inc. recruiter will contact you to schedule a time to discuss your interests and qualifications. In many instances, the interview can be conducted via Skype, video conferencing, or by phone.

When meeting with your recruiter, you will have the opportunity to discuss your ideal job, your skills, and your past work experiences. Your recruiter will help make sure you find the position that best matches your interests, abilities, and work preferences.

References, Screening, and Verification

Once you have talked with your recruiter, you will need to complete a series of new-hire forms including a drug screening and background check consent form. Since Management Registry Inc. provides government agencies temporary staffing solutions, you will need to meet our clients’ requirements regarding background and drug screenings. We do reference checks with previous employers to help us understand your prior work experience. Our team will also work with you to submit other required information to include educational/certification history release forms and immunization records based on the type of position you are seeking. For healthcare providers, Management Registry Inc. recruiters will facilitate the credentialing process.

Skills Testing

Management Registry Inc. uses online skills testing software to assess your skills in order to help match you with prospective clients and their facilities. Your results are sent directly to your recruiter, and results may be shared with our government client.


A prospective employer may request an interview with you. Management Registry Inc. will facilitate the interview scheduling process, and provide you interview guidance and information about the agency.


Once you are working, Management Registry Inc. continues our contact with you. We conduct an initial 30-day review and then quarterly reviews to gain feedback from the client. We will also ask for your feedback throughout the year.

Management Registry Inc. has a higher employee retention rate than most staffing agencies due to our variety of positions and locations, and our employee retention and appreciation programs. The key to our employee retention is “engaged employees.” Our employees ignite performance, and they do so because Management Registry Inc. creates a climate that fosters employee satisfaction and retention. The three pillars of our employee satisfaction and retention strategy are:

Team Environment: Our corporate team remains with the employee throughout the period of service. At every opportunity, our team seeks to move the individual towards higher professional and personal goals. We listen to our employees to make sure they have a voice in the process. Our account managers maintain open lines of communication through emails, phone calls, weekly and/or monthly virtual team meetings, and an “open door” policy.

Employee Recognition: At every opportunity, we identify, recognize, and showcase our employees for their excellent performance. We have found that many of our best ideas for improvement come from our talent. Monetary, personal awards, increased responsibility, and promotions are just some of the benefits provided to our loyal employees. We are very committed to talent recognition, knowing that Management Registry Inc. employees will:

  • Increase loyalty to our team and our customer
  • Improve employee performance
  • Boost morale across the line of operation
  • Reduce accidents and increase safety
  • Lower team turnover
  • Improve overall employee wellness

Professional and Personal Growth: We recognize that our individuals bring a shared success to the team. We recommend to each individual that he/she expand on any professional and personnel qualifications and seek every opportunity to reach high goals.