The Right Way to Include Pay in Your Job Postings

Writing job postings may seem like a pretty cut and dried task. But the reality is if you want to attract top talent quickly, your posting needs to be crafted to attract attention.

And for a growing number of HR professionals, hiring managers and company executives, disclosing salary information in the job post is becoming the standard.

Yes, it’s often been considered a no-no for employers to show their salary card right from the get-go. But today’s jobseekers are not the same as those twenty – or even ten – years ago. And one of the most prominent reasons for being upfront about salary is today’s candidates – who have grown up with instant gratification through smartphones, twitter, Instagram, etc. – have shorter attention spans. You only have a few seconds to keep their interest before they move on.

Today’s jobseekers want to cut to the chase – and the best candidates are likely selective about the positions they apply for. After all, applying takes time. So listing salary information makes the offer clear. If the salary range is attractive enough, it’ll give those top candidates a reason to spend some of their time on your application. If not, neither you nor the candidate will have to waste time if in the end, the salary isn’t going to work.

So if you’re an employer considering listing salary in your job postings, here are some best practices to consider:

List Salary at the Top

When you want to emphasize salary in your listing, place it at the top of your job description and right below the job title. Listing the dollars up top works if the salary is highly competitive compared to other similar jobs in the field.

Place It Near the Bottom

When you want applicants to know the salary but prefer to downplay it on your job posting, include it as a final item at the bottom. Offering salary information as part of the conclusion is an ideal option if you don’t want applicants to be heavily swayed by the pay or feel it’s lower than expected.

Don’t Forget the Perks

If you’re not sure the salary is all that impressive, you can still attract top candidates by providing the other things you can offer. Examples include a 401k, telecommuting option, on-site gym, cafeteria, holidays, bonus plan, etc. Typically these would go near the bottom of the ad.

Should you go this route, it’s important that the items stand out. So use bullet points to consolidate information into brief, concise statements so applicants can quickly see what’s in it for them.

“Salary Negotiable”

If you haven’t settled on an exact dollar figure, it’s still important to be transparent about potential pay to attract jobseekers. So add “salary negotiable” to the top or bottom of your job posting. This will still attract interest while giving the company some wiggle room to see what the market is saying about pay levels for the particular job you’re listing.

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