It’s always exciting to come across a job posting that really interests you. After submitting your application, you check your messages constantly, hoping to find an interview invitation. Hearing crickets is frustrating, especially when it becomes apparent your application is never going to be acknowledged.

Identifying the specific reason you didn’t hear back may not be possible, but it could’ve been due to a typo, lack of qualifications or because the employer decided to fill the position internally. Despite not knowing the exact reason you didn’t get an interview, use this as a learning experience to ensure you don’t get passed up again.

Ask Someone Else to Proofread

Spellcheck doesn’t catch all errors, so ask at least one other reliable person to proofread your resume before submitting it. No matter how many times you check it yourself, it’s easy to miss a spelling or grammatical issue because you’re too close to the content.

Tailor Your Resume

In the past, submitting the same resume to every job opportunity was the standard, but things have changed. These days, you’re expected to tailor your resume for each opportunity, so don’t skip this step. Hiring managers know the job they’re filling is special, and they want to make sure candidates feel the same way. Submitting a generic resume puts you at a disadvantage because you’re not presenting yourself as the perfect fit for the job, and failing to put forth the extra effort sends the message you’re not that interested anyway.

Get Specific

Your resume isn’t the place to be elusive. Quantify your accomplishments to show the hiring manager just how talented you really are. For example, it’s a lot more impressive to learn that you saved the company $25,000 last year by using your negotiation skills to broker a deal with a new vendor, than simply saying you brokered a deal that saved the company thousands.

Find a Personal Connection

Hiring decisions hold a lot of weight, so managers value personal recommendations. Working with a recruiter is a smart way to get an “in” because they already have relationships with many local companies. Employers know a recruiter they trust wouldn’t steer them in the wrong direction, so your chances of hearing back are much higher with their stamp of approval.

At Management Registry, Inc., we understand how frustrating it is to submit a job application and receive no response from the employer. You won’t have this problem when you work with us to find a new job in healthcare, HR, accounting/finance, IT or many other areas. Our team is here to help you find your dream job, so allow us to get to work.

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