Congratulations! You got the job. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Okay, finished? You still have work to do. Resigning from your current job in a professional manner will demonstrate that you’re the classy person you know you are.

Try to give a minimum of two weeks’ notice, to give your employer a chance to replace you or transition your duties. No matter what your relationship with your boss, colleagues or the organization, leave with your head held high. Above all don’t burn any bridges. You never know who you may work with again down the road.

How to Successfully Transition Between Jobs

Avoid short-timer’s attitude. Just because you have one foot out the door doesn’t mean your performance has to suffer. Be nice to your colleagues, continue to fulfill your job responsibilities, contribute to the organization. Offer to smooth the transition by training colleagues to take over your tasks. Write out detailed instructions for them to refer to.

Request a Reference. If you are leaving on good terms, this is a great time to ask your supervisor to write you a letter of reference. You may not be worried about it now, but it could come in handy in the future. He knows you and your skills and accomplishments now, but memories do fade. It’s best to get management accolades on paper now rather than later.

Tie up Loose Ends. Ask about any benefits you’re entitled to before you leave. Make note if you need COBRA to avoid a health insurance gap. Find out how to collect any compensation for unused paid-time-off, and discuss how to roll over your 401(k) over into a new plan.

Return Company Property. Any items the company has issued you as part of the job — such as a laptop, Smartphone, keys and documents — are not yours to keep. Voluntarily surrender these things so you risk the embarrassment the company tracking you down and asking you to surrender them.

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