Looking for a new job – and a competitive edge? Try keywords in your resume to set yourself apart. With the high volume of resumes hiring managers receive for every open position, many companies employ keyword scanning software to search for certain words, eliminating resumes that don’t feature critical industry terms.

Making it past the screening software is the only way to make it to the next step, getting your resume in front of a hiring manager who can assess your qualifications manually and invite you for an interview.

Try These Four Tips to Choose the Right Keywords to Add to Your Resume

Read the Job Description. Don’t just skim. Identify words that stand out and find terms particular to your job or industry. Keep in mind that each company may have a unique way of phrasing things. Write down words and phrases used multiple times throughout the text, as these are likely the terms that will determine whether or not your resume gets noticed.

Check out their Website. Carefully examine the employment section of the company website. Analyze how they speak about their current employees and look for patterns that indicate their expectations and culture. This content can also include valuable keywords that will help you stand out. Write down any words or phrases mentioned multiple times for possible inclusion in your resume text.

Write like a person, not a robot. When adding keywords to your resume, read carefully to ensure the text still makes sense. Write for readability first – If you can’t find a way to make a word flow naturally into a sentence, leave it out. And only insert keywords that actually apply to you and your experience. Don’t anything that is untrue, because your deception will come out eventually.

Update for each job posting. Today’s resumes are dynamic documents; expect to change yours for each position. You can draft one core template to work from, but customize your resume and cover letter to each new job. The application process takes longer this way, but consider it time invested in your career.

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