You’ve been a nurse for a while now, and you can’t imagine a better job. You’re happy enough where you are, but you’re thinking about shaking things up by becoming a travel nurse.

Enjoy the best of both worlds by continuing to do the job you’re passionate about while embarking on a new adventure. Here’s a look at what you have to gain by packing a bag and hitting the road to becoming a nurse anywhere and everywhere.

5 Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

Boost Your Resume

Serving as a travel nurse is a unique opportunity to flesh out your resume in no time at all seriously. No two jobs will be the same, as you’ll be placed in a variety of positions at a diverse group of facilities. For example, you might work in a hospital maternity ward at one assignment, then move on to an urgent care clinic for your subsequent placement.

Each assignment will allow you to acquire new skills that look amazing on your resume. After even a few lessons, you’ll likely have a more diverse skill set than your peers who have been in the field longer than you — but at a traditional nursing job.

Figure Out What You Want

The nursing field offers many different career paths, which is excellent, but it can also be overwhelming. If you’re not sure what you ultimately want to specialize in, travel nursing is your chance to try out a variety of areas without becoming a job hopper. This will allow you to take your time finding the specialty that is genuinely right for you.

Explore the Country

If you enjoy traveling, this type of career was made for you. Take advantage of the opportunity to live like a local across the U.S. in cities you’ve always wanted to visit. Whether you’re just looking to see the country or find a new town to call home, this is an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in different parts of the country every few weeks.

Avoid Burnout

No matter how much you love nursing, doing the same job at the same facility every shift can become a bit monotonous. As a travel nurse, you’ll switch jobs every few weeks, leaving no time to even near burnout. This is a unique way always to have a new and exciting career.

Steer Clear of Drama

Workplace politics can be tough. Travel nursing is ideal for avoiding catty colleagues because you won’t be in a placement long enough to get involved in the drama. If you’re assigned to a facility with drama, you can steer clear of it for the few weeks you’re there, then bid good riddance to it upon your departure.

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