Things are good at work right now. You enjoy your job and you like your co-workers, but you don’t plan to stay with the company forever.

There’s absolutely no rush to take the next step in your career. In fact, you’re not actively looking for a new position. However, you’re interested in making a move if the right opportunity comes along. Here’s some advice to help you find your perfect fit.

5 Tips for Passive Job Seekers

Keep Your Resume Updated

You never know when an amazing career opportunity will come along, so always be prepared for it. A big part of this is having an updated resume on hand, because this is the first impression you’ll make on a potential employer. Whether you’re giving it to a well-connected person whose interest you’ve piqued or submitting it to a specific job you’ve come across, being primed and ready can pay off.

Decide What You Want

Right now, you’re in a great position to grow your career. Since you’re in no hurry to leave your current job, you have plenty of time to ponder both what you want in a new job and an employer. Take the time to research different jobs that make sense for the next step in your career and companies you’re interested in. Knowing exactly what you want will allow you to ensure your next move is truly fulfilling.

Be Active on LinkedIn

If you currently have a LinkedIn account, but don’t use it much — or don’t have one at all — it’s time to change that. The world’s largest professional network has more than 774 million members in over 200 countries and territories worldwide (FC link: Therefore, it’s almost a given you can find a wealth of opportunities on this platform. Keep your profile updated, write recommendations for past and current colleagues, publish blog posts and status updates, and make sure you’re connected to everyone you know. This will help you get noticed by the kind of people who can help you get ahead.

Make Networking a Priority

In the professional world, who you know makes a world of difference. Hiring is a big deal, so employers prefer candidates who are recommended by someone they know and trust. Consequently, keeping in touch with your current contacts and actively working to grow your network —i.e., joining a professional association, attending networking events, making connections via social media — is a must.

Reach Out to a Staffing Firm

If you think staffing agencies only help active job seekers, you’ll be happy to know that isn’t the case. Recruiters maintain candidate pools filled with passive job seekers, because a variety of opportunities are always coming across their desks. When you work with them, they’ll keep an eye out for positions that might interest you and reach out when one becomes available. This is a great way to find your dream job, without lifting a finger.

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