You enjoy working in a manufacturing setting, but you’re ready for something more than your current job. Before you start searching for new opportunities, you’re thinking about getting a forklift certification.

Some employers might allow you to operate a forklift without certification, but that’s actually a violation of federal law. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires anyone who operates a forklift to be certified, so taking this step is imperative if you plan to drive one.

Here’s a look at what you have to gain by adding this credential to your resume.

4 Reasons to Get a Forklift Certification

Gain a Competitive Edge

Even if you’re not specifically applying for a forklift operator job, having this certification can increase your hiring potential. Since forklifts are essential in most warehouses, employers will appreciate your training. This will allow you to safely fill in if a forklift driver calls off or during busy periods. Therefore, if an employer is trying to decide between you and candidates with otherwise similar skills, this certification will give you a major advantage.

Boost Your Earning Power

In the working world, the more skills you have, the more money you can command. Having a forklift certification can allow you to earn a larger paycheck, because you have more to offer your employer. Investing a minimal amount of time and money in yourself can help you enjoy higher wages for the rest of your career.

Build Your Skillset

Your current warehouse job is more of an entry-level position, but you have bigger dreams for your career. If you want to climb the ladder at your current employer — or be eligible for a more advanced position elsewhere — having a forklift certification can help you score a promotion. Taking the initiative to earn this credential shows you’re serious about your career, which will impress any manager.

Stay Safe

As noted above, OSHA requires anyone who operates a forklift to be certified. However, not everyone follows the rules. Getting certified will teach you how to safely operate a forklift, so if you’re asked to do so, you can accept.

Never agree to get behind the wheel without a certification, because serious safety incidents can occur. From 2011 to 2017, 614 workers were killed in forklift-related accidents and more than 7,000 incurred non-fatal injuries with days away from work each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While accidents can happen to anyone, this emphasizes the importance of making sure you have the proper certification before operating one.

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