You’re ready to take the next step in your physical therapy career. Whether this means finally landing your first “real job” after spending years in school or simply moving on to a different — perhaps more advanced — role, you’re not quite sure what steps to take.

Sure, you know you need to search for job postings, but competition for the best opportunities can be intense. Therefore, you’re eager to find ways to stand out, so you can get a job you’re truly excited about.

5 Tips to Land Your Next PT Job

Consider a Different Setting

If your current PT job no longer feels fulfilling, it might be time to switch things up in a different type of facility. For example, if you’re feeling like you can’t have a solid work-life balance at your current hospital job, you might consider pivoting to home health or a nursing home. This will give you a much-needed change of pace, while delivering a fresh challenge.

Keep Your License Updated

This should go without saying, but you probably won’t get hired without a current PT license. Requirements vary by state, so make sure you know what you need to do to keep your license valid  in your local area.

Always Have a Current Resume Ready

You never know when your ideal PT job will come along. Therefore, keeping your resume updated is a must, so you can be ready to pounce as soon as the right opportunity is on your radar. While listing your skills is a must, it’s also important to really highlight your value by quantifying your accomplishments. This will help the hiring manager better understand what you have to offer.

Know What Makes You Unique

Scoring an interview for a PT job you’re really interested in is always exciting, but an impressive collection of skills and accomplishments alone probably won’t get you hired. Since plenty of other talented professionals will be interviewing for the position, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. In addition to letting your winning personality shine, sell yourself as the best fit by highlighting a unique characteristic relevant to the job that sets you apart.

Work With a Recruiter

Choosing the right PT job for you isn’t always an easy task. When you team up with a recruiter, you’ll have an experienced professional to help you secure a new role that aligns meets your needs. In addition to gaining access to exclusive opportunities you won’t find anywhere else, they’ll help update your resume and prepare for interviews. You’ll pay nothing for these services, making this a pretty amazing partnership.

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