You chose your job, but unfortunately, you didn’t get to choose your coworkers. Most of your colleagues are a joy to work alongside, but there’s one you honestly just can’t stand.

Whether their personality clashes with yours, they’re constantly trying to compete with you, or are just plain cranky, you don’t particularly enjoy their company. Of course, you have no choice but to work with this person, so you need to find a way to be professional.

Here’s some advice to help you avoid conflict with this person.

5 Tips to Get Along With a Coworker You Don’t Like

Be Respectful

You don’t have to like your colleague, but you do need to treat them with respect. When you have to interact with them, be kind and polite. Hopefully, they’ll behave the same way toward you, but if not, at least you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you were the bigger person.

Be Mindful of Your Reactions

It’s frustrating when your coworker does something that irritates you. While you can’t control their behavior, you do have the power to manage your reaction to it. It might be challenging, but it’s best to remain calm and collected, even when you might want to do the opposite. If you need to, simply excuse yourself and walk away if you feel like you’re about to lose your cool.

Learn to Compromise

When working with others, you can’t always do things your way. You might not necessarily agree with your colleague on many — or any — points, but a willingness to meet halfway will make it much easier to work together. This way, you’ll have some of your ideas implemented and some of theirs will also be put into action. Everyone wins when you’re willing to meet in the middle.

Avoid Venting to Other Colleagues

It can be tempting to gossip about coworkers you can’t stand to those you do like. However, there’s a very good chance your words will get back to the person — or they might even hear you complaining about them firsthand. It’s okay — and even advisable — to talk to a confidant who doesn’t work with you about the situation when you’re away from the office, but leave it at that.

Try to Get to Know Them Better

It’s possible you’re having trouble getting along with your colleague because you don’t understand them. Taking the time to get better acquainted can help you learn more about their personality and why they behave the way they do. Seeing them from a different prospective can change your mindset, helping you to be more tolerant of them or maybe even strike up a friendship.

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