This has been a strange year for everyone — especially new nursing graduates preparing to start their careers. If you’re in this position, you’re probably feeling a bit scared, which is completely understandable.  

When you started nursing school, you never could’ve predicted you’d spend your first year on the job working through a global pandemic. However, this is the current reality, and you’re up to the challenge. Here’s some advice to help you stay strong during this difficult time.

4 Tips to Prepare First-Year Nurses to Start Work in the Pandemic 

Try to Stay Calm 

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Nowhere is this more evident than hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare environments. It’s only natural to feel stressed and anxious right now, as you learn the ropes at a new job while trying to protect yourself from the virus. 

Find healthy ways to reduce your stress, so it doesn’t get the best of you. If possible, make time during your off hours to exercise, prepare healthy meals, and engage in activities that take your mind off the situation at work and the world — i.e., take a bubble bath, walk your dog, or binge-watch a favorite show.

Follow the Rules 

No doubt, things at your first nursing job are going to be different than expected. There will likely be significantly more rules and regulations in place, for your health, and that of your colleagues and patients. It’s important to follow all the rules carefully — even any that might seem a bit overboard to you — because they’re in place for a reason. Failing to do so could cost you your job, and more importantly, someone their life.

Be Flexible 

Few things are normal in 2020, as the world has been forced to find ways to adapt during the pandemic. This especially rings true for your nursing job, as it’s nearly inevitable that things will be much different than you expected right now. This could involve everything from where you’re working to the way you care for patients, so just be flexible and go with the flow. Try to remember that this is only temporary, so you just have to get through it. 

Realize the Impact of Your Work 

You became a nurse to help patients — and right now, they need you more than ever. Patients are scared, and they need their nurse to put them at ease and provide them with high-quality care. The work you do is so important. You have the chance to make a profound impact on the patient experience, so recognize this, and go to work each day ready to give your all.  

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