You chose a career in healthcare because you enjoy helping others. However, you’re a very shy person who has trouble opening up. This is making it challenging to enjoy your job and provide the best possible patient care. 

A change needs to happen, and you’re ready to make it. Use this advice to break out of your shell and feel more comfortable caring for patients. 

5 Tips to Overcome Shyness in Nursing 

Feel Confident in Your Abilities 

You’re a talented nurse with a lot to offer patients, so remind yourself of this before each encounter. Giving yourself a confidence boost will put you at ease because it serves as a reminder that you’ve got this. All of the years you spent training for this job and the subsequent time you’ve worked in the field certainly weren’t for nothing. You have the ability to be the best nurse a patient has ever had, so don’t miss your chance. 

Create Standard Small Talk Questions 

When you’re nervous, it can be hard to think of non-health-related topics to discuss with patients. However, small talk often makes them more comfortable with both you and the healthcare setting they’re in. Put an end to your nervous silence by coming up with a few basic questions to get patients talking — i.e., finding out what they do for a living or inquiring on their favorite vacation spot. People generally enjoy talking about themselves, so you probably won’t even have to say much. 

Focus on Patient Outcomes 

It can be hard to move forward if you focus solely on how nervous patients make you. Therefore, it’s important to look beyond your own nerves and realize how your behavior affects patient care. If you’re holding back with patients, you’re not able to realize your potential. This means patients aren’t getting the best of you, which is a huge disservice to them. Use this as a motivation to open up more and leave your shyness in the past.  

Maintain Eye Contact 

It’s a small gesture, but maintaining eye contact when you speak with patients is incredibly empowering. This move essentially allows you to fake confidence, until you actually feel it. This shows patients you’re listening, while making you appear like the authority figure you are. If you’re feeling shy in the moment, patients won’t have a clue. 

Get to Know Your Co-Workers 

When you’re comfortable with your colleagues, work becomes a lot more fun. It’s hard to feel shy when you’re surrounded by people you know and trust. This will help you come out of your shell with patients because you’ll be in an environment where you’re truly relaxed. Deepen the bonds with your co-workers by accepting invitations to social events, eating together in the breakroom, and showing an interest in their personal lives. 

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