You work hard each shift, and that can be tough on the body. No doubt, you don’t have much idle time, but when your body starts feeling tense, it’s important to take a few moments to stretch. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of quick and easy stretches that can be done at work, targeting everything from your arms to your hips.

Here are six moves that can make a world of difference. 

Triceps Stretch 

Loosen up your arm muscles with a quick triceps stretch. Raise your arm up and bend it toward the opposite side. Using your other hand, pull your elbow toward your head. Hold this pose for at least 10 seconds, before switching to the other side. 

Half Downward Dog 

You might not be able to do a full downward dog at work, but this modified one will still give your entire body a blissful stretch. Stand up and face the back of your chair. Place your hands on the back of the chair and step back as far as you can, while keeping your arms and legs as straight as possible. 

Shoulder Stretch 

If your shoulders often feel stiff from being hunched over the computer, loosen your muscles up with this stretch. While sitting in a chair, clasp your hands behind your back. Push your chest out and raise your chin. Maintain this pose for at least 10 seconds. 

Forward Fold 

When you’re feeling stressed, this stretch can help you achieve a level of Zen, while opening your lower back. Stand up and face your chair. Rest your elbows in your hands and place your arms on the back or seat of the chair — you can bend your needs if you need to. 

Hip and Knee Stretch 

Sitting idle for hours on end can cause your muscles to stiffen up. Ease the stress without having to get up from your chair by hugging one knee at a time to your chest. Hold the pose for at least 10 seconds, before alternating to the other side. 

Hip Opener 

You’ve probably already noticed this, but too much sitting can cause your hips and lower back to tighten up. Open them up by sitting on the edge of a chair with your feet directly under your knees, placed hip-width apart. Cross one ankle over the opposite knee and slowly stretch forward. Repeat on the other side. 


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