You’re an ambitious nurse with big plans for your future. Therefore, you understand the importance of having a well-crafted elevator pitch ready at all times.  

Whether you’re headed to a job fair or a networking event, you need to know how to present yourself as a candidate employers want to learn more about. No two companies are the same, so you’ll likely need to slightly tailor your elevator pitch each time it’s given, but here’s a look at the basic structure to follow. 

5 Tips to Write an Elevator Pitch that Boosts Your Nursing Career 

Explain Who You Are 

Start off by introducing yourself. Even if you’re wearing a name tag, you still need to greet the other person by sharing your name. This might sound obvious, but these situations can be nerve-wracking, so sometimes you need a little reminder. 

Share What You Do 

Briefly describe your current nursing job. For example, “I’ve worked as an emergency room nurse at County Hospital for the past five years.” 

Highlight Your Skills 

This is your chance to show what makes you stand out from other candidates. Focus on a few unique abilities you have go above and beyond what’s required for a nurse of your caliber. For example, you might have experience working with a certain type of equipment or have a certification in a specialty. 

Display Your Passion 

More than just a job that requires skill, the best nurses truly love what they do. Quickly touch on the reason you love being a nurse. For example, “My favorite thing about working as a nurse is the ability to really make a difference in my patient’s lives.” 

Make Your End Goal Clear 

If the other person doesn’t understand the purpose of the conversation, you won’t get anywhere. End your pitch by clearly stating your end goal, so they understand what they can do to help. For example, “I’m looking for a nursing opportunity where I’ll be able to work with children.” 

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