Chances are, you don’t give safety at work much thought. After all, you probably believe your employer is solely responsible for your workplace well-being. While the company does bear much of the burden — i.e., providing proper the proper training and equipment to do the job — you’re not off the hook.

If you don’t take safety seriously, measures put in place by your employer will be largely ineffective. 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employers in 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You don’t want yourself or any of your colleagues to become an injury statistic, so here’s what you have to gain by placing a huge emphasis on safety.

3 Reasons to Put Safety First at Work

Safeguard Yourself From Harm

Failing to follow safety rules at work could lead to a serious injury — or even death. Doing things the right way might take a little longer, but your well-being is worth it. No matter how tight the deadline, it’s never worth the risk to take the easy way out.

Beyond adhering to the rules yourself, it’s important to speak up when you notice any potential safety issues. If you’re afraid of retaliation or your employer ignores your concerns, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a whistleblower complaint form you can complete. OSHA will then investigate the issue on your behalf.

Protect Your Peers

You’re not the only person at risk in an unsafe work environment. Your peers also rely on you to take safety seriously, because failing to do so puts their welfare in jeopardy. From not following proper protocols with your job to looking past possible violations in the workplace, disregarding safety standards can cause others to get hurt.

Boost Productivity

Workplace injuries can easily take you down for the count. Even a seemingly minor issue can keep you away from work for days, which can seriously hinder your productivity. While you’re out — or at work, unable to perform at full capacity — tasks you’re incapable of completing will pile up. Your peers might also be forced to take on some of your workloads, making everyone less effective.

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