These days, simply having a great resume isn’t enough to stand out from the crowd. Top employers seek candidates with a thriving personal brand — i.e., unique identifiers that set them apart from their peers.

Your personal brand should be built and displayed through several mediums, including a personal website, blog, and social media. It’s important to create a uniform presence across the board, so there’s no room for confusion. Here’s a look at why this technique is so important.

5 Reasons Personal Branding Matters

Show Employers What You Have to Offer

A resume lists your skills and experience, but your personal brand brings them to life. For example, a blog post summarizing a project you’ve recently completed offers an in-depth look at your capabilities. This can set you apart from equally-experienced candidates who only submit a resume because you leave no room for interpretation.

Highlight What Makes You Different

The best jobs often get hundreds of resumes, so blending in with the crowd won’t get you very far. Your personal brand is crucial because it brings your unique attributes to light. Focusing on what makes you different from other candidates will give you a competitive advantage that propels your career to new heights.

Emphasize Your Passion for the Field

No one wants to hire a candidate who is only interested in the job for its paycheck. Building a personal brand around your zest for the work will make you more appealing to employers because they’ll know you want the job for the right reasons. After all, you wouldn’t take the time to build a personal brand, if you didn’t care about the work.

Get Your Name Out There

A strong personal brand can make you a household name in the engineering field. Employers might start discovering you on their own. For example, the more social media followers you’re able to gain, the higher your profile rises. Becoming an engineering influencer will open the door to new opportunities you never imagined.

Establish Credibility

A strong personal brand positions you as a thought leader. This helps both employers and your peers view you as an expert. A certain level of trust and respect come with this because people admire those at the top of their field. The more visible you are, the more credible you’ll appear, as notoriety makes you seem more authentic.

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