If you’ve never watched a TEDTalk, you’re missing out. Published by TED — a nonprofit committed to the spreading of ideas — there are more than 3,000 talks on the organization’s website. Talks run the gamut from business to global issues and are given by both well-known industry leaders and regular people with a powerful message to share.

Finding motivation to take the next step in your career isn’t always easy, but there’s definitely a TEDTalk — or 20 — that can help. Get inspired by watching these five videos.

How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over

A talk given by author Mel Robbins, “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over,” focuses on finding your happiness. Get inspired to break out of your comfort zone and make much-needed changes that will help you enjoy a more rewarding life.

How to Get Better at the Things You Care About

Brought to you by learning expert Eduardo Briceño, “How to Get Better at the Things You Care About,” offers guidance to help you move forward. If you’re working hard at something you’re passionate about, but not seeing the results you want, learn useful techniques to help get closer to your goals.

What I Learned From 100 Days of Rejection

Most people try to avoid rejection at all costs, but author, blogger and entrepreneur Jia Jiang sought it out. “What I Learned From 100 Days of Rejection,” details how he got used to having his requests denied and why asking for what you want can open your world up to unexpected possibilities.

What Reality Are You Creating for Yourself?

A talk given by author and entrepreneur Isaac Lidsky, “What Reality Are You Creating for Yourself?” takes a look at the reality you’re living. Learn how to stop yielding to excuses, assumptions and fears to build the life you really want.

My Year of Saying Yes to Everything

In “My Year of Saying Yes to Everything,” writer and producer Shonda Rhimes details her own experience with losing her hunger for a job she truly loves. She highlights her “year of yes” and explains how it allowed her to reignite her passion for her work.

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