You’ve been working as a physical therapist for quite some time now, and you truly love what you do. The ability to help injured and ill patients increase their mobility and manage their pain is more rewarding than you could ever imagine.

While you’re happy in your current position, maybe you want a little something more. Shifting your focus to home health might be the answer, as it offers a solid work-life balance and truly meaningful work. Find out what you have to gain from this career path.

5 Benefits of Working as a Physical Therapist in Home Health

Make a Difference

As a physical therapist, you’re used to having a huge effect on patients’ lives, but home health care takes it to the next level. By doing this work, you’re helping patients stay in their homes, instead of having to spend time in a medical facility. You can’t put on price on the comfort of home, so the impact you’re able to make is truly remarkable.


When you work in a facility, you see patients at set intervals all day. This is great, but if you’re looking to have more control over your schedule, home health care is the answer. Every employer is different, but you’re typically seeing significantly fewer patients per day and in most cases, you can make your own schedule.

Gain Expertise

Generally speaking, physical therapists treat a wide variety of patients, dealing with a slew of different health issues. If you’d rather focus on a certain specialty, home health care can give you that option. Focus only on children, adults with special needs, or the elderly — whatever makes you feel most fulfilled at the end of the day.

Better Pay

Money wasn’t the reason you become a physical therapist, but a pay increase never hurts. The median annual salary of a physical therapist is $86,850 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the median annual salary of a physical therapist specializing in home health care is $92,320.

Job Stability

It’s never wise to shift into a field with limited growth potential, but you won’t get that with home health. While no specific statistics are available for physical therapists, the demand for home health aides is expected to increase 47 percent through 2026 — compared with 7 percent for all occupations — according to the BLS. That’s a pretty promising statistic, so it’s likely home health is an area where you’ll have no trouble finding work.

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