Right now, you have a few great travel nurses on staff. Since they started at your facility, you’ve been nothing but impressed with both their attitude and nursing skills. In fact, you’re dreading the day their assignments end, because they’ve really become part of the team.

The good news is, you might not have to give these outstanding nurses up. You could offer them a regular staff position — likely one of the best hiring moves you’ll ever make.

4 Reasons to Make Travel Nurses a Permanent Part of Your Staff

They’re Flexible

Moving to a different city and starting a new nursing assignment every few months requires the ability to easily adapt to new situations. This is important for every nurse, as no two days on the job are exactly the same. You need nurses who can change course on a dime, and these professionals have more than proven they have this ability.

They’re Comfortable in a Variety of Settings

If nurses are stationed in several different sections of your facility, professionals who have worked as travel nurses could be a huge asset. Since they’re constantly immersed in new settings, they won’t think twice about rotating where they’re needed or occasionally helping out in another department.

They’re Used to Working With Different Personalities

When nurses work in the same facility for years, they don’t always have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of peers. The exact opposite is true for travel nurses, who gain new colleagues every few months. Consequently, these professionals have been exposed to many different types of personalities, so they can hold their own on any team.

They Know What They Want

Since travel nurses have worked in many different cities and medical settings, they’ve had ample opportunity to learn what they like and dislike. Working at your facility on a temporary basis has given them time to see what they’re in for, so if they accept the job, you know it’s something they truly want.

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