Your job used to make you feel constantly fulfilled, but these days, you’re often bored. Maybe a project that used to occupy your time ended or you’re able to work quickly, because you’ve grown so used to the job.

No matter what the cause, feeling useless at work isn’t fun. As a naturally ambitious person, you want to feel like you’re contributing something to the team each day. Here are a few ideas to help you reclaim your sense of value.

Ask Your Boss for a New Project

Chances are, your boss has no idea you’re bored. Schedule a meeting to let them know you have some extra time on your hands and would like to take on something new. Most managers are thrilled to have employees request more work, so this should help you get a new challenge(s) that makes you feel excited about your job again.

Give a Colleague a Helping Hand

You might be perpetually bored at work, but that doesn’t mean your co-workers are in the same boat. If one of your colleagues is constantly in over their head, volunteer to take some of the work off their hands. They’ll be incredibly grateful for your help and you might even get to learn something new.

Offer to Mentor a Younger Employee

Since you’ve been at your job for a while, you have a lot of knowledge to share. Use your free time to mentor younger team members who could benefit from your experience. If your company has a mentoring program, sign up; if not, ask your boss if you can help start one. Not only will this benefit all participating employees, it will give you a meaningful project that will change the company for the better.

Find Ways to Boost Efficiency

Your company has a certain way of doing things, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best route. Use your free time to enhance and improve existing processes. A little creative thinking might allow you to discover ways to complete tasks faster and save the company money. It’s hard to feel useless when working hard to improve the company’s bottom line.

Find a New Job

If, despite your best efforts, you still constantly feel like your contributions aren’t meaningful, it might be time to seek new opportunities. You’re far too talented to waste your time in a role that stunts your potential. When you’re comfortable in a job, making the decision to start a new chapter isn’t easy, but you know it’s the right one.

It’s normal to get bored at work sometimes, but if you frequently feel underutilized, it might be time to move on. Management Registry, Inc. takes pride in connecting talented candidates like you with exciting new jobs. Contact us today to find your next healthcare, general labor, or professional opportunity!

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