Working in healthcare presents different challenges every day, so you have to be able to go with the flow. A high degree of resilience is a must in this field, because your patients’ well-being is on the line. When the going gets tough, you need to bounce back without flinching.

During the interview process, expect to be asked questions like, “Describe a time you were really stressed at work” and “Tell me about a time you had to adjust your priorities to meet a deadline.” Incorporate the following attributes into these responses and answers to other questions to emphasize your level of resiliency.

Present Yourself as Adaptable

In a healthcare job, no two days are ever the same, so being adaptable is a must. Highlight your ability to change direction on a moment’s notice, when necessary. Provide a specific example of a time you pushed your to-do list aside and fully immersed yourself in a more pressing project without hesitation.

Explain How You Cope With Stress

Stress is a side effect of a healthcare job, so you need a healthy outlet to manage it. Prove you can handle the pressure by explaining what you do to unwind. Good examples include activities like exercising, spending time with family or a hobby like knitting or gardening. Steer clear of responses mentioning alcohol, gorging on fattening foods or retreating away from people, as these won’t present you in a positive manner.

Focus on the Positive

A lot of healthcare workers are able to shift their focus quickly, but not everyone can do so with a smile on their face. Maintain a positive attitude when talking about your fast-paced healthcare job, because no one wants to hire someone who brings the team — and patients — down. Smile a lot and craft your responses with an optimistic tone to highlight the fact that you’re an upbeat person.

Emphasize Your Desire to Learn and Grow

Personal growth is hugely important in the healthcare field. Your skills can easily become stagnant if you’re not willing to keep learning and growing, so explain what you do to keep your knowledge current. The ability to accept constructive criticism is also a must, as mistakes can largely impact a patient’s life. Highlight the value you place on feedback and describe how you apply it to your work.

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