Working in a call center is a very important job. You’ll speak with a high volume of customers during every shift, and your ability to communicate will directly impact their feelings about the company. Employers are well aware of this, so they’re very diligent when filling these positions.

Effectively communicating with customers is a talent that requires many layers. Not only will you need to be an excellent listener, the job also demands patience, empathy and the ability to craft a response according to your audience. Since there’s no face-to-face contact with customers, your verbal communication skills must stand on their own, without the help of nonverbal cues.

Follow these tips to showcase your outstanding communication skills on your resume.

Consider a Functional Format

If you haven’t worked in a call center before, or your last job of this nature was some time ago, it might be best to forego the traditional reverse chronological resume in favor of a functional format. This will allow you to put your communication skills front and center, instead of your lack of recent and relevant work experience.

Use Bullet Points

Busy hiring managers don’t have time to read every word on your resume. Help them spot your communication skills in a quick scan by highlighting them with bullet points. This breaks the text up and makes your resume appear less imposing.

Quantify Relevant Achievements       

Let your communication skills speak for themselves by quantifying your accomplishments relative to the job. Statements are nice, but numbers really emphasize your talent. This will catch the hiring manager’s eye and seriously boost your candidacy.

For example, if you’ve worked in a call center before, you might share your customer satisfaction rating. It’s much more convincing to say you had a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating, than simply noting you were rated highly by callers.

Highlight Applicable Honors

Sometimes it’s okay to brag a little. If you’ve received any honors or awards that wouldn’t have been granted without stellar communication skills, include them on your resume. This is the reader’s chance to get to know you and decide if they’ll bring you in for an interview, so every piece of relevant information can prove helpful.

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