Mastering the art of how to get hired requires a lot of time and effort. However, no matter how comfortable you are in interviews or confident you are in your portfolio, it all starts with creating an application that stands out.

Put some personality into it

Add a little pop of color or a personal story that is relatable to the position you are applying for to give recruiters something a little different to look at.


Make relevant connections

The more relatable experience you have, the easier it will be for hiring managers to visualize you as a successful candidate in the position to which you are applying. Give as many relevant examples from your previous positions as possible.


Show your strengths in your resume

Utilize your strengths in your resume and allow them to speak for themselves. If you are looking for an accounting job, use your knowledge of numbers and analytics to display quantitatively why you are a strong candidate.


Use video

Video is more unique, interesting and effective than a piece of paper. Showing and expressing your confidence and abilities this way helps HR professionals connect with the real you.


Address your cover letter to a person

Go above and beyond the status quo whenever you can. Addressing a hiring manager by name is a great way to connect with the person reviewing your cover letter.


Apply on Monday

According to a study by, applicants that sent their resume in on Mondays had a 1 in 3 chance of being selected for an interview.


Keep it short

Hiring managers don’t have time to weed through a cluttered resume or cover letter to find your relevant experience, so they won’t. Optimize the readability of your application and up your chances of landing an interview.


Display confidence

Display yourself professionally and confidently. This may be your only chance to make an impression. Don’t be modest.


Get a second opinion

Have a friend read over your resume and get their honest opinion of your biggest strengths based on what is displayed.


Visual appeal

Make your resume unique, professional and readable. Don’t just write a paragraph of past experience and qualifications.


Use all of your resources

Pull every string that you can. Partner up with an elite staffing firm like, Management Registry, Inc. and exhaust our healthcare, general labor, correctional, HR, call center and financial industry connections to give yourself the best shot at getting noticed. A referral from a highly trusted staffing firm will give you a competitive edge before the hiring manager has even read your resume. Contact MRInc today to find your next dream job.

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