The financial industry revolves around numbers – Savings – ROI – Investments – Returns. Don’t you think quantifying your experience might help financial recruiters value your resume?

Numbers never lie. Data speaks to your true capabilities more than a fancy certificate or a degree from a prestigious university. The key to a successful accounting resume or financial CV is to provide unequivocal proof through your previous experience that you are the most qualified candidate.

Show them the money

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for someone that can come into a role and provide a necessary boost to their company. HR professionals don’t expect candidates to know it all or immediately hit the ground running. However, when it comes to finances, companies want to know that their accountants and advisors will be able to make the money for the organization. It’s that simple. The more examples you display in your resume of successfully turning investments into profits, the easier it will be for the hiring manager to trust your abilities as a financial professional.


What to include

To fully optimize your financial resume, it’s crucial not to leave out any important details. When it comes to choosing one candidate among thousands of applicants, one little piece of information can make the difference between receiving a phone screening and getting brushed aside. Be sure to include information regarding the size of budget you previously managed; the number of employees you managed or trained; the number of contracts you have negotiated; the net worth of the companies you worked for and any savings or profits that you can confirm. All of this information can help assure hiring managers that you have succeeded in a similar role before.

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