Even if you are no marketing expert, you could probably list half a dozen soft drink, athletic gear or automotive manufacturers and easily describe their brand. What is their product, what differentiates them from similar products, who is their target market?

But what about you? What is your brand? How can you market product “you”? From creating a website portfolio to drafting emails, establishing and promoting your personal brand can help you to stand out from other job candidates. Before your first initial face-to-face interview, the company and interviewer will have an understanding of your professional identity and what you bring to the team. Personal branding gives you a leg up on the competition in landing the job of your choice and advancing your career.

How can you brand yourself?

In a world driven by brand recognition, appearing to be the right brand can help you stand out. You can build trust, establish yourself as an expert in your field and increase employer interest.

Here are some simple methods to create your brand and stand out:

Customize your email. Create an email address and signature that are personal and professional. Several free email options exist such as Gmail, a service provided through Google. A Gmail address gives you access to several free business and networking tools that can help with your search. Or for a small fee you can use a hosted email service that will use your own domain as your email address.

Manage your web presence. Most employers will conduct a quick online search for finalist candidates. Are you ready? Google yourself to see what an employer could find. Clean up anything inappropriate or undesirable and check to ensure that your identity is consistent across all social media. Don’t feel that you must delete pictures of your family and friends, a fun trip, or even your pet; it’s good to look like a real, well-rounded person, but consider taking down anything that is inconsistent with your desired professional image.

Tell your story. Hiring managers usually have your resume right in front of them, so don’t bore them by just repeating what they can read. It’s your job to make those words come to life. Come to the interview armed with anecdotes and metrics consistent with the image you wish to present. Be personable, be prepared and you’ll make a great impression. Employers interview many people, so it’s important to be more than just another candidate. Your personality is part of your brand.

Take time to create your personal brand. What makes you unique? What do you bring to employers? You don’t have to be a celebrity to be recognized in your field. As a job candidate, personal branding can set you apart from the other applicants. For more tips on landing the job of your dreams, reach out to the expert recruiting team at MRInc.

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